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You must be searching for best packer and movers in Delhi? FatShe™ business listing helps you in packers and movers in Delhi charges comparison, coming up with efforts on internet marketing to give most efficient service provider from Top 10 list of packer and movers in Delhi ncr. Some people may require house hold shifting services in Delhi while others may look for packer and movers in Delhi to pune. Whatever be your requirement,

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I am Surender Singh, IT Engineer by profession. I made a Google search for relocation services in Delhi and found this website providing verified service provider for home shifting services in Delhi. In this website which made my work easy to compare and understand the reason why is the cost fluctuating with different service providers. I found this website provides expertise information on relocation services.

My residential items consist mostly of imported furniture and quite delicate to handle. This website was helpful to me in understanding and even selecting best service provider. They did 4 to 5 layers of covering on sensitive items and taken at most care, while removing and while again placing them. They just told me to take valuables with me and asked me not to touch anything. They did complete packing of all house hold articles in front of me in 3 hours, then loaded and transported to the new destination in friends colony. Even while unloading they did exactly how we said to them to place the articles. This made our work pretty simple and enjoyed their customized support, effort and professionalism in best suggestion, which was new to us. To tell you the fact, they have even taken 3 split ACs and installed at my new residence.

This website is a great place for accurate information on relocation service providers.

Surender Singh

Local Top 10 Packer and Movers in Delhi NCR

When I wanted to check with local shifting top 10 packer and movers in Delhi NCR, I FOUND THIS website provides complete details of trusted service providers.

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My professional is retail grocery outlets, identifying potential location and setting a mini super market kind of set up. As our business has location based sales prospective, many a times we move, dynamically, without any patterns? I was finding difficulty with local relocation service, as they were not able to cope up and visualize the shifting location, set up requirements; instead they were restricted to picking and dropping only. When I connected to sheetal.net and enquired, explaining my concern and required solution, I found these service providers understood what exactly I wanted and hired identified experts who are experienced in setting required setup. This website proved to be of immense value while listing a business, with in depth explanation of their expertise mentioned with the business information.

I m found sheetal.net unique in placing the business information accurately, keeping users requirement in mind and doing research with users needs and problems that is quite common in businesses. They deserve 5 star rating for the quality of information placed here.

Manoj Bhatia whole sale merchant

International Packers and Movers in New Delhi

FatShe™ Business list provides international packers and movers in New Delhi to help you get right company.

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I am a businessmen, wholesale trader and exporter of grains. I regularly need packaging and transportation services. Although quite in routine, I was dealing with companies and somewhere or other, it was a kind of tension to check and supervise and always give instructions. It was then I got in touch with a company through sheetal.net.

My loading and unloading requirement is regular and percentage of wastage and damage was cross above 5% against the standard of maximum 3%. It was going up to 7 to 10% sometimes. Through sheetal.net I got right company which did in depth analysis of the reasons which were responsible for wastage and damage. They came with quite effective control measures and brought my wastage and damage to below 3%. Services provided are above the normal routine packaging and transporting firms.
I found this website keeps service providers that are very dynamic in problem solving, as per the situations and within the situation.
Gaurav Ambi Businessmen

Top 5 Professional Packers and Movers in East West Delhi

FatShe™ business listing has mastered the art of finding the Top 5 Professional Packers and Movers in East West Delhi to Bangalore. We have experienced that new players are budding in every business without knowing complete business requirement and expertise.

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I am an IT Corporate training to train international trainees. Not to mention the bad experience damage done to my house hold articles, but obliged to take services from sheetal.net . when I contacted them , they came for onsite inspection of articles, gave quotation and explained the 4 layer packing that they do, and different types of packaging material and also what makes the difference while using low quality packaging material. They even showed me videos of their packaging procedure and it helped me understand the effectiveness due to such process. Not only me, this is common problem in shifting for all those who have expensive imported furniture. With all the confidence and being scared with previous shifting, I opted with these trusted listing and found 100% satisfied on completion. There can't be anything better, for sure. Every single item was taken at most care while the process of shifting was perfect.

I am delighted to write this review and recommend this listing as a real verified one.

Ganesh Swamy Pillai

Good Packers and Movers in North South Delhi Rates

We offer and help you in selecting Good Packers and Movers in North South Delhi Rates after understanding your exact requirements.

Recent Review

I am a civil contractor. My earlier house shifting experience was very bad, as damage done by the packers company was almost 50%. It looked like every item was thrown. I will not elaborate, but …etc. I searched internet and found this website with enormous value. All companies listed here looked highly professional and stable. I spoke to every company about my concern and risk of damage. Companies are so transparent that they even sent me, through whatsaap, the live shifting video, explaining every handling procedure. Cost factor, proportional to the quality and efforts involved is worth, if you minimize the damage risk almost to zero.

Their knowledge helps me in my business during packaging and transportation. I am cent percent satisfied with the website business listing checked services.

Sunil khatri

Best Packers and Movers in Dwarka New Delhi to Hyderabad

Choose Best Packers and Movers in Dwarka New Delhi to Hyderabad from this listing for safe shifting. We serve packers and movers in dwarka sector 7 sector 6 sector 8 sector 9 sector 10 sector 12 sector 23 sector 22 sector 19.

Recent Review

I am a Music composer and moves across Delhi and Mumbai with my team and logistics. I was somehow finding difficulties with shifting my crew items and some or other damage became phenomenal whenever we shift, gifted with a damage or more. I will not name the number, but I have tried almost ten plus, packers and I started considering it a natural process. Now that I came to this website and explained my concern, the owners of one of the companies came and meet me. He explained the kind of casual attitude and lack of knowledge to handle the shifting as the reason for it and said to pay if 100% safe shifting is completed.

Good and bad things are within the surrounding, but the difficulties are in investing the time to identify right person. This website, sheetal.net, has accurate business information with reputed service providers. I would suggest anyone to opt for it, in your service requirements.

Mukul Yadav Speaks about our business listing and quality of service

Best Packers and Movers Services in Delhi Price

Select your Best Packing and Moving Services in Delhi Price and simplify your relocation work.

Recent Review

I work in Information technology as software engineer. This is the first time I came to Delhi and purchased expensive house hold articles. After one and half years I planned to relocate my flat. My concern was, presently I was in 1rst floor and was planning to move to 15 th floor. So what would happen, what possible damage will take place? It was becoming a concern. Then I found reputed listings of many companies here. I compared and called two companies. They were quite professional sound to handle this local relocation requirement. With a team of 7 to 8 people, they promised a safe packing and moving.

On the day of shifting, they were in time, as promised and started dismantling and packaging. I was more than amazed to see the cover of packing. It was perfect way. No question of any damage 100% safe. Complete shifting completed in 11 hours including ACs installation. All payments were done online with no cash transaction. I liked the transparency in their complete operation, right from valuation of work to closing the transaction with payment. They even call you in next day to take your feedback and address your concern, if any.

After taking exceptionally good service, I have come up with this detailed review. Business listing provided by sheetal.net filter quality service before posting their information on this website. After that in 1 year I have recommended to 3 of my friends, similarly delighted by their services.

M Srinivasan Reddy


This business directory is just a media of providing the business information. This business directory is no way responsible for the consequences of using the services from the business service provider. All customers are requested to engage the packers and movers after doing the required verification from their end and satisfying themselves.

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